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  • Kim Grover

Who's on the team?

When interviewing for your family law attorney, one of the things you should be asking about is their team. Do they have financial experts, real estate agents, private investigators, criminal defense attorneys, tax attorneys, appraisers, QDRO preparers, and mortgage experts lined up to assist in your case if it is needed? I am proud to say that I have assembled a great team to assist my clients. I have the best realtor Downriver who has sold so many of my clients' homes and assisted with buying new ones. I have criminal defense attorneys ready to take on cases involving domestic violence, stalking, cyberstalking, child protective services issues, and any other criminal matter that you may be facing. I have a great private investigator that can find almost anything. I have financial experts to advise you on the best course of action to take with your money. I have a great mortgage banker that has been able to help people who own businesses or are independent contractors get mortgages. I have a QDRO drafter that is an expert on retirement plans, I have tax attorneys who can help you with your tax issues. I have bankruptcy attorneys that can assist with that if needed. A great team helps me conquer almost any problem and they are available to you when and if you need them. Please call us and let us help you solve your problems.

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