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  • Kim Grover

Looking for a nasty, aggressive attorney?

Are you looking for a divorce lawyer, who is "the nastier, the better?" If so, do not call us. We will not be the right fit. Our goal is to help you settle your case as fairly as possible, and to give you information to make the right decisions.

Listen, if you want to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get back at your ex and make them as miserable as possible, we have a list of attorneys who would be happy to take your money. We want you to know though, in the end, after you give those attorneys all your money, you are still not going to be happy. Your happiness really has nothing to do with your settlement.

Family courts are courts of equity. Their job is to make sure to divide your property as equitably as possible. That may not always mean equal, but it will mean fair. We never want to take a case to trial unless it is the last resort and we cannot negotiate a reasonable settlement. It is bad for you, it is bad for your family, and it costs a lot of money. Plus you run the risk of having a judge who does not know you, make decisions about your family. Those decisions should be left up to you, not a stranger. Plus, even though you think it would be fun to put your ex on the stand and let us tear them apart (which by the way this is public) opposing counsel will also be able to do that to you. Trust us, Kim has been in that position, of being on the stand and being torn about by an adversarial attorney, and she can tell you how exhausting, terrifying and stressful that experience was.

We would prefer to help you navigate the system, give you information to help you make good decisions, and help you keep as much money in your pocket as possible. That does not mean we will not charge you for our services or that we come cheap. It does mean that we are fair.

We also believe, in the end, if you have children, a nasty divorce proceeding does not help your family move forward. In the end, you are still going to be a family, you are still going to be co-parenting, you will still have the same pot of money to spend, it will just be in two households, instead of one. You will be trading the relationship of husband and wife (or husband and husband or wife and wife) for co-parents. You will need to learn to interact with each other for the best interest of your children. You will need to learn to love your children more than you hate your spouse.

Finally, this is not to say we will not take your case to trial if your spouse is being unreasonable and we cannot get a fair settlement without a Judge. We will take it to trial. Just be advised that is our last resort and it is costly.

So, if you would like to come out of this situation with your dignity and a fair settlement, give us a call. If you want to rip your spouse to shreds at all costs we can give you a referral.

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