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  • Kim Grover

Protect the Money!

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Are you the beneficiary of a will or trust? Has someone left you money, or maybe a house? Are you married? If your dad (or mom, or anyone else for that matter) left you some money when they died that money belongs to you and only you. You may not think you will ever get divorced, but things happen to good people everyday. You need to protect that money (or asset left to you). Make sure to keep it in a separate account, titled to you alone. If it is a house, do not put your spouse's name on it. Do not use the money to support your spouse or your family. In the event of a divorce, the only way for you to keep that inheritance, and not share it with your spouse, is to keep it separate in nature during the marriage. Having said that, there is always a chance that the court could invade it if there aren't enough marital assets to support the family. Your job will be to prove why that should not happen. If in doubt, consult an attorney who concentrates in family law.

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