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  • Kim Grover

Long term but not married?

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Never married living together persons do not have any rights in an intestate estate (no will). Twice this week I have had phone calls regarding this matter. One from a child whose father had a live-in girlfriend for thirty years. Dad just died and child wanted to know what his legal rights were. Second call from a girlfriend of twenty years whose live-in boyfriend just died and his brother wants to kick her out of the house. Strange that these two calls came just days apart. In both of these cases there was no will, the homes were in the deceased boyfriend's name only, and the girlfriends are basically out of luck. No matter how long they lived together, there is no common law marriage in the State of Michigan, and domestic partnerships without some formal written agreement are also unenforceable as to property rights. What to do if you intend to take care of your long term live in partner? Make a will, or better yet a trust. A lawyer can tell you how to best protect your loved one in the event of death, and yourself in the event of a break. Don't leave these things to chance.

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