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  • Kim Grover

Loving Dad Wins

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Yesterday I helped a young man defeat a motion by his daughter's mother to transfer his case custody case out to California. He had previously agreed to allow mom and daughter to move to California where mom's new husband is stationed in San Diego. Mom had promised dad that she would transport the child back to Michigan for spring break, summer vacation, and Christmas vacation if he allowed her to move. After mom got to California she broke her promise. Not only did she not transport the child (age three at time of move) but she refused to allow dad to talk to the child on the phone. Dad tried to go out to California to visit daughter, which was agreed upon in their order, and mom refused to let him see the daughter. The only time dad heard from mom was when she wanted money. And yes, he was sending her regular funds, despite the fact that there was no child support order. When dad decided to file a motion to enforce his parenting time, mom filed a competing motion to have the case transferred to California. If this had happened dad would have had no recourse because in order to enforce the order he would have had to go to California to file an enforcement motion. Dad would have lost all contact with the child. Luckily, the Judge saw it our way and Michigan courts will continue to monitor this case. Next up is our motion to enforce the order and to get makeup parenting time! Stay tuned!

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